Revolt Against An Age of Plenty New site containing a number of texts not online elsewhere - and the promise of more to come.

Love and Treason Kevin Keating's site - a number of excellent texts online, including 'Harass the Brass'

Black Star North Interesting Anarchist mag,tending more to the insurrectionist/anti-tech. view.

Bolsheviks in the Russian revolution - how the revolution degeneratedExcellent collection of articles by some of the best social historians of the revolution.

Wildcat Site of German group with a lot of material available,mostly in German so far but English material is added.(Very good texts on 35 hour week and working time reduction/guaranteed income).

Bureau of Public Secrets Ken Knabbs S.I anthology and related pieces

Spunk Press Large on-line archive of Anarchist material

Black Flag British syndicalists who always deliver a good clear class analysis

Workers Solidarity Movement Irish Platformists

Not Bored! Anarchist/situ stuff,with excellent 3 part piece on the relationship between Castoriadis and the S.I

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